Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 14

Hey, how much blood is in my breakfast anyway?

Session starts Saturday, 31st of January

Big savage dog that may or may not be dead. The locals report howls on the full moon. The dead are buried in the chapel. No livestock. Alfred lost a sheep through massive confusion as to who his girlfriend.

We have a bad dinner.

Paul nearly weeps at my Durifs…

The howls came from Castle Plum. On top the hill you can see the castle (which is inhabited).

Lesser-Edale has about 30 houses, a church and moors on all sides.

The Vane family occupy the castle. Sir Arthur Vane, Lawrence the son and a daughter. The Vanes own all the land. Lawrence is friendly.

So Tumwell he shot the dog. It went ‘woof’. Mad mangy dog. Huge stray. Big even. Enough to kill two people. Ran off into the hills.

Next day

Crisp bright morning.

Brisk constitutional in the morning up to the space that we were shown last night.

Breakfast. Blood pudding.

We do a walk around the castle to see if there is a path around the castle to the moor. Large paw prints!!! They lead up to a large rock and then out into the moors.

Harold Short

Grandmother: Has left to go to see his brother in fucking Norfolk. He was sorely wounded. He managed to hit the dog with a candlestick which ran away. There were lots of howls so Harold was out looking.

Doesn’t think much of Tumwell.

Castle Plum

Drive up to the castle. Then get insulted by the butler. Bastards.


SirPerfluous RupertG

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