Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 15

Or, there's something funny about this stew...

Session starts 1st of February. One night away from the next full moon.

Going to Church

Bad singing greets us when we arrive at the church. A greasy haired priest is leading the congregation in a monotone tune of some religious type.

The sermon is on some vague point of theology that even Forthright is not interested in.

We push the vicar on the hound. He seems very defensive, although that could just be his cologne. He also states that Tumwell is a terrible shot. The premise that Lawrence Vine is the beast seems to hit home.

There was a witch hanging on Gallows Hill 300 years ago. Her crimes were consorting with demons, sour milk, wanton activity. Sheep born with extra limbs. Lady Vain accused her.

Castle Plum is named for the Latin Plumbum (lead). Lots of mine shafts around the town. They have been closed for the last hundred or so years.

When asked about Harold Short he warms up immensely. Lydia Perkins, buried locally. Mr Osgood also buried locally.

All those who were killed were on the moor side of the town.

The Laughing Horse Pub

We have lunch at the pub.


Vet says it is similar to large dog and all makes sense. He is not at all suspicious of anything.

  1. Gallows Hill

We can see the full moor. Unhealthy looking trees, rock escarpments, etc.

Lisette looks for stuff and things.

We realise that during the winter the whole moor is going to be foggy as hell. Very little cover or places to hide.

Following the Path from the Village

Forthright checks perception!

We decide to follow one of the winding paths from the village. Forthright notices a man-made object poking out of the earth. Charred planking sticking up out of the earth. Remains of some kind of dwelling. There seem to be the remains of a chimney as well.

There is an interesting geometric pattern on the hearthstone. The symbol is occultic and associated with the 17th century witch era in England. There are other remains which indicate it was a farmstead on the property. It was largish in size.

We continue along the path. We come across a farmer with a big bushy beard and smoking a long pipe. He doesn’t recognise the symbol from the hearthstone. He’s lost sheep as has other people.

The hound is very interesting to him. Tumwell did not kill the hound according to him. He has heard and seen the hound. Great big beast running through the fog. He saw the beast the last full moon. Which was a night after the last killing. The beast (although claimed to be shot) appeared to be unhurt.

The beast was running into the depths of the mist.

The fog is beginning to fog up as we get back into town.

Lawrence at the Pub

Very friendly chap. Conversation will continue next session.


SirPerfluous RupertG

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