Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 19

Or, Who Ordered Their Souvenirs Well Done?

To Do:

  • Office of Antiquities to see the Carlyle group site
  • Fariz Najir dealer on some street what has some things. On the Street of Jackals
    ** A local agent?

We put our valuables into locker 43.

Nigel Wassif

Just across the road to the hotel is the office of the Cairo Bulletin. A well dressed man is making his way into the office. He runs a small newspaper.

Early 40s, pencil moustache, clean and very well dressed.

We discuss Jackson Elias and the Carlyle.

We order a clipping service for Elias and Carlyle and arrange to come back tomorrow.

Office of Antiquities

On our way we are accosted by Mahmud who offers to show us around. He is surprisingly good at shooing away the vendors.

Forthright eats figs

We enquire about the Carlyle Expedition. We are shuffled off to some office with a folder full of papers.

  • 11 May 1919 end 10 days later. Digs around Giza. Mostly exploratory trenches. We note the location and dates.
  • 23rd of May at Saqqur ends May 31
  • June: Later there were papers filed for Dashur. Finished before July.
  • After which they head off to Kenya.

Penhew Foundation currently has an expedition at Memphis being run by Dr Henry Clive. They are here every year and have done so for many years.

Street of the Jackals

The street is one of those narrow aromatic streets. As we wander down the street, one shop stands out. It is burned to the ground and the locals invoke Allah as they pass by.

We ask Mahmud. Apparently it was the shop we were looking for. Apparently a large demon came down and destroyed it. The owner was inside at the time. The owner was horribly burnt but moved to a different shop.

A shop in Sharia Muezzeddin Allah.

Sharia Muezzeddin Allah

In the midst of pottery stores, there is a new store. Most of his stock is tourist garbage. The shop is cramped with only a thin path leading between the curios.

Faraz is burned and melted. We mention Robert Carlyle and he starts yelling at us to leave his shop. We mention we can pay him and he whispers “come back tonight.”

We break for lunch.

Main Police Station

We head to the main police station to organise some police escort for tonight. We talk to a few chaps and make outrageous promises to look after them.

Return to the Cairo Bulletin

We are handed a sheaf of papers in a manila folder.

We add the Street Jackal fire to the collection.

Notes from the Cairo Bulletin

Photo showing Sir Albury, Robert Carlyle, Hypatia Masters and Dr Robert Huston emerging from the dinner at the Turf Club two days after their arrival. Huston looks worried. Jack Brady may be in the back of the image.

Check page 93 of the book for here, Paul!

Return to Sharia Muezzeddin Allah

We pick up the muscle on the way. Also Mahmud (who is nervous around the police).

The police are left at the end of the road looking beefy. Mahmud comes with us.

We give Faraz a small payment before he will continue.

He tells us about the Carlyle Expedition. He wanted information about the Black Pharaoh. Ended by Snafuru. A bust of the Black Pharaoh, a drum with symbols and his crown. The key to his triumph over death.

Sold to Warren Besart, Carlyle’s agent.

The items came from the house of Omar Shakti, the cotton guy. These items were sold to Besart in 1918.

There are dark elements working through this land which Faraz has come afoul of. The Black Brotherhood stole the mummy from the Clive expedition. The Clive expedition found a queen’s sarcophagus which was stolen shortly thereafter. They are after another item held in the Mosque of Ibn-Tulan.

The Black Brotherhood is a cult dedicated to the Black Pharaoh. They are related to the people who burned down his shop. Living fire or demon or ifrite called down on him.

We leave out the back door.

We circle around and find the muscle with their throats cut ear to ear. They look like they put up a fight. All to no good.


SirPerfluous RupertG

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