Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 20

Or, Does this Fez Make My Bottom Look Fat?

The session starts with us lost in the back streets of Cairo. We are concerned about the dead bodies and the strange noises that caused us to be kicked out of Faraz Najir’s place.

Forthright checks listen

We hear the sounds of people knocking and clamouring for Faraz to open his door. The crowd sounds angry and upset with Faraz. Sounds of smashing and violence.

We send Mahmud off to find policemen.

As we watch, Faraz is stabbed in the stomach. There is evidence that the crowd killed the policemen.

It is confirmed that we would recognise the majority of them in the future if we see them again.

Forthright checks stealth

Six in total. I am hidden so I don’t give a shit.

Lisette runs to check on Faraz. He’s got a very bad stomach wound.

He says it was the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh.

Police arrive. Five in total.

We explain the situation to the Sgt. We head back to the hotel.

The Next Day

Mahmud mets us at the door. As does the Sgt.

We ask the sgt where Warran Bessat is. He says no. He takes us to the station. He disappears to find stuff.

Warran Bessat lives at the Red Door on the Street of Scorpions in the old city.

Cairo Bulletin

We arrive to collect the clippings. Lots of yelling and shit.

We receive a clipping regarding the fire of Faraz’s place. Police are baffled. There are no leads.

Warren Bessat

Mahmud takes us to the address.

We find a red door on the street. It looks like a clothing store with lots of examples of clothing available.

Inside there is portly man wearing a fez.

Dwayne makes a fat joke at Peter’s expense

I get five suits made up.

His name is Abou Udhreh.

Forthright checks psychology

He is lying. He glances at the door at the back. I open the door and see a man wearing a fucking Arabic thing hidden and smoking shit. He is on a filthy bed. And smoking hashish.

Forthright checks Natural World

He is smoking cheap marijuana.

Warren looks at us all bubbly.



  • Omar Shakti
  • Clive expedition to look at
  • Jake Brady? Hong Kong?
  • Clive expedition ask Nigel Wasif (Cairo Bulletin)
  • Bent Pyramid
  • Collapsed Pyramid
  • Cairo museum
  • Brotherhood wanted an item at the Mosque of Ibm Mashood?
    • Nyiti from Alwastar
      • Onbar


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