Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 17

Or, Who's a Good Boy?

The session starts the night of the full moon

After a brief introduction, Eloise goes to make a sandwich. Not for Dr Forthright, which concerned a little. He was peckish.

The walkthrough of the manor being complete, the Lord Vain suggests we look at the walls surrounding the castle. These are apparently interesting and there are strong hints from the GM that we should look at them. Turns out that we suck mightily at looking at things. We decide to look around the outer buildings. We discover random animals.

We look around at some of the other buildings around the castle. There is an old stable hand who is large and provincial. We inquire about the hound and he offers that the attacks started after the young master came home and Eloise had her 21st.

Forthright clumsily brings up Mrs Vain. Apparently she died 15 years ago. There was a ‘farm accident’. Suspicious. Apparently she was killed by a random floating scythe. The hound appears every few weeks for a few nights. Roughly synced up with how often his wife gets grumpy with him.

We go to the stable. There is a nice new door. Because the hound wanted to get to the horses. There is a large steel bolt and padlock.

We all look for the old doors but find none because we suck at looking at things.

The Pub

Over dinner a woman rushes in saying her daughter has been taken by the hound. We all burst outside grabbing weapons Tendrils of mist and fog shimmering down through the moor. We rush across the road to the woman’s house.

Silhouetted on the peak of Gallows’s Hill a beast on two legs dragging a small child. The child appears to be lifeless, hanging limply in the beast’s arms.

We give chase! It has stopped to give a last stand.

Forthright opens up and checks the hell out of Rifles. The beast is shot to hell.

Sir Arthur Vain comes running across the moor screaming at us to stop shooting. As he nears us he starts yelling “She’s just a girl!!!”. We can’t calm him down. He raises a shotgun and shots poor defenceless John Ryan. Both Dwayne and Forthright kill Arthur Vain immediately.

The beast starts to get up. Lisette shoots it. We try to get the beast to the dungeon to chain it up.

We drag the beast back to the castle where it is locked up and bound. Lots of villagers aid us in getting her back.

We interrogate the son. The daughter took the curse as soon as she turned 21. The vicar has ideas about why she turns. Apparently there have been cases in the past, plaguing the house since the 17th c.

Forthright loses 5 Sanity

The vicar tells us a story where the old Vain had a witch burned at the stake. The witch cursed the mother Vain with lycanthropy.

We go back to London.


SirPerfluous RupertG

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