Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 21

Todo from last session:

  • Omar Shakti
  • Clive expedition to look at
  • Jake Brady? Hong Kong?
  • Clive expedition ask Nigel Wasif (Cairo Bulletin)
  • Bent Pyramid
  • Collapsed Pyramid
  • Cairo museum
  • Faraz Najir tells us the Brotherhood wanted an item at the Mosque of Ibm Talun?
    • Nyiti from Alwastar
      • Onbar

Ibm Talun (Mosque)

Mahmud arrives before breakfast with new shiny and very squeaky shoes. He appears a little PTSDy from the last night’s horrors.

We head off and it is near stuff. The mosque is near the city of the dead. The mosque is ancient and plain. As we exit the car we notice that it is very quiet with few people.

It is just before prayer time. Ophelia is told to stay outside. We wait with Mahmud. We walk in to see the cleric. We observe the local customs carefully by continuing to wear trousers.

Through Mahmud we find out who the “guy in charge” is.

Through careful negotiations “we ask about the Black Pharaoh” we get ushered into a back office.

We persuade them that we should be involved in their cause. They are harbouring Girdle of Queen Nitocris. The demonic menaces are served by some evil men who value it as a relic of their evil past. She was an evil dark magician. The girdle is guarded carefully by old men with 15th century sabres. They are wise in the ways of fairy tales the Koran.

Forthright gives him a cheque which he will spend on defence of the relic. By buying copies of the Koran.

Cairo Museum

We are met by a receptionist that tries to help us find the right place to start looking.

Dr Ali Kafur is aware of the Black Pharaoh and takes us to a private room where he discusses things and stuff. He is aware of the forces at play and appears at face value to be an ally.

Nitocris and the Black Pharaoh were ancient lovers full of lusty lust for each other Mummy style. They were both assassinated.


SirPerfluous RupertG

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