Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 22

Or, hey, look at all this pussy!

Cairo Museum

Talking to Dr Ali Kafur:

  • Clive expedition discovered Nitocris’ mummy. She re-ignited his cult
  • Janwilliem Vanheuvelen was fired by the Clive expedition for drinking too much and being incompetent. We should talk to him because he might know something.

The Black Pharaoh

  • Came from City of Pillars
  • 3rd Dynasty
  • He came with the Necronomicon
  • He ruled in terror and evil
  • He is Nyarlathotep.

Mahmud’s Uncle’s Bar

Lisette hits on a local ex-soldier (British). He describes how he followed someone for the Clive Expedition. He almost certainly knows where Janwilliem Vanheuvelen is.

William Wise know a lot. Has been a soldier and heavy for a while. Has worked for Clive:

  • JV has almost certainly stolen something
  • No-one has picked him up

Janwilliem Vanheuelen

Janwilliem is a drunkard and a pain in the arse. He was part of their digs in Giza. He found the Nitocris mummy.

  • He is skeptical of the find, thinking that it wasn’t Nitocris.
  • It was found in the smallest pyramid of the three at Giza. No identifying marks.
  • She must have been important because there were very many beautiful artefacts. The dating is accurate.
  • The mummy disappeared. It was three nights after the discovery. Terrible screams were heard from within the pyramid and many people were missing afterwards.
  • He was let go shortly thereafter
  • Horrified to hear he was followed

When asked about the expedition:

  • Dr Clive is a cold hearted bastard. No-one seems to like him. However, he is a good academic
  • Martin Winfield who is nice fellow who is a young man who is quite junior. He was very kind to JV after he was fired.
  • Agatha Broadmoor – she is a medium who was used to contact the dead through a trance and was used for contacting the spirits of the dead to help them identify where to dig. She held seances to talk to the dead people who were dug up.
  • James Gardner. Very much a Jungian who is published but not well read. He has a theory that there is a maze under the sphinx.
  • Johannes Sprech. He is a heiroglyphic wunderkind.

The day of the disappearance of the mummy, there was a scream and then it took them 20 minutes to get to the chamber. The police guards were gone. It is assumed that they were taken.

A cat walks in at this point and he immediately throws a bottle at it. It leaves. He is being followed by cats everywhere.


SirPerfluous RupertG

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