Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 23

Or, Does My Pussy Look Big In This?


  • Shelmerdine 2009 Heathcote Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Hand Crafted by Geoff Hardy 2015 Limestone Coast Lagrein
  • The Stubborn Few 2016 South Australia Shiraz

Forthright loses 1pt of Sanity

Forthright gains 1pt Cthulhu Mythos

We listen to JV’s translation of his found scrolls. Lots and lots about Baste.

Forthright offers to fund him but he thinks he can do better. We offer him $10,000 and he still thinks he can do better.

We talk to the landlord after we leave. We pay a week’s rent for JV and give him $5 for any news of weird and wonderful things.

A young beautiful lady walks in carrying a cat. Other cats are purring all around her. She is stunning and lithely walks up to JV.

We make our way across the road to the shop on the other side. We run in and find that they are selling random pottery.

Dwayne hears words to the effect of “you should return what is stolen”, and, “the lady is not pleased”, etc. He is clearly being warned to return the scrolls. There are clues to be found here. Twenty to thirty cats are gathering around the house.

The lady leaves, however, many of the cats stay.

Following the Cat Lady

We start to catch up the cat lady. She stops in the market to buy some supper. The cats dissipate but still seem to follow her with their eyes. She sits down and puts the cat down while she eats.

She is dressed “out of time” and very well presented. She is wearing a circlet rather than any scarf. Tall and elegant, she moves with a cat like grace.

Dwayne catches up with her and she asks how she can help him. They discuss the documents that JV is planning to sell. Apparently they are all stolen. The lady doesn’t know of the Clive Expedition.

She doesn’t want to talk about the theft. He apparently got them from a secretive place. She asks us to help convince him to return the documents. When asked for proof, she says JV should know exactly where to return the documents. Apparently the consequences will be dire.

She starts enquiring about Dwayne’s background. She insults the good ol’ USA.

Morning at the Hotel

Newspaper: The Mosque of Ibm Tulun has collapsed killing six of the residents. The imam is OK, but damaged. The roof collapsed on them.

Apparently multiple copies of the Koran were not enough to protect them. Nasir is in the hospital being treated for shock. This leaves the protection of the Girdle of Nitocris in question.

Nasir is being kept in the mental ward. We get let into a horrible, terrifying, ward. The cats have followed us to the hospital.

We find Nasir staring out the window, drooling. We ask what happened to the girdle. He is unresponsive. We give the doctors our contact details and a bribe to look after Nasir and contact us if he becomes responsive.

Mosque of Ibm Tulun

The location of the girdle has been destroyed with lots of damage to the roof area.

There are people staring at us weirdly. There is an overwhelmed young man who is not coping with the level of responsibility being thrust upon him.

We thrust our way to the front of the line.

Through a translator we find out that they were attacked by strange creatures and monsters sent by the evil one.

The police have come by and have taken their stuff.

The creatures were like large worms that caused tremors and such.


SirPerfluous RupertG

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