Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 25

Or, Do I wibble when I wobble?

Session starts: <insert>

Dashur Pyramids

Forthright checks hieroglyphics

The stone’s writings looks like some kind of protective ward.

There are two pyramids at Dashur, one red and the bent one.

Black Sphinx rises at the bent pyramid.

The bad guy is in the bent pyramid. The the red pyramid is part of the protection of the pyramid.

The Bent Pyramid

Late afternoon into evening. There are entrances in the west and north. The north entrance is guarded.

West entrance

A cool dark passageway leads in. The ancientness of the structure impresses us. We first encounter a false funerary chamber. Two, very thick, alabaster columns. There is something odd about the right pillar. At the bottom is an indentation. It is apparently a seperate piece of stone. With a creak a door opens.

We open the heavy door. It reveals twenty steps up. Running up them we find a series of ramps that climb up to the interior. There is an asymmetrical arch. This area was described in the book Crompton’s Life as a God. There are six five foot pillars are spaced around it. On top of the pillars are dull looking alien gems. OK, odd looking. Carved in black obsidian there is a throne in the centre. The great chair sits on a raised dais. Raised inscriptions cover the wall around the throne.

The inscriptions foretell the impending birth of the child of Nyralathotep within the mountains of the black wind. The prophecy further foresees massive destruction will foretell the birth.

The wall on the left of the throne holds two bas-reliefs. These have planetary symbols. Some are spooky. On the wall to the right is a distorted map with all the continents. There are rubies in Hong Kong, Kenya and Perth. An inlaid ebony band lays an arc across the pacific. Arcane symbols are everywhere.

After a while we notice a very faint light is emanating from the gems at the top of the pillars. The entrance to the chamber appears to be stone now. Fuck.

All of a sudden we are aware of a presence sitting on the throne. A pharaoh appears. He is wearing all the traditional garb. He is super evil. He is the Black Pharaoh!!!

To his left and right the air boils and bends. Horrific creatures vaguely appear, but not quite.

He starts speak and he is super mean and cutting. He advises us to return to our homes.

He gives us visions of the Carlyle Expedition in Kenya. We see visions of hideous nasty creatures descending from the sky. Other creatures lurch from the ground. Etc. Pretty messy as people die.

Forthright loses 4 sanity

All the white members of the expedition are ripped apart.

He carries on about us being all trivial and inconsequential. He is very discouraging and not much of a motivational speaker.

He opens up a vision of Ancient Egypt. It is before the red pyramid exists. Slowly the pharaoh disappears from the throne. As does the slab from the archway.

Dwayne goes insane

We stumble out into the dark desert.


We drive back to Cairo. As we arrive at our hotel room. Along with all the normal cats, there is a large panther looking through the window at us.

Later that evening a bedraggled van horvalen calls us down to the concierge. He is pacing around the lobby and looking nervous. There are scratches on his arms. He is looking very worried and concerned.

He is banging on about the lady and the cats. She wants the scrolls back. He complains that he hasn’t finished the translations. We offer him sanctuary.


SirPerfluous RupertG

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