Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 16
Or, Make Mine a Double!

Session starts the evening of the 1st of February.

Lawrence at the Pub

Make an appointment to see the castle at 10am tomorrow.

He studied philosophy at Oxford.

We salute meat pies.

We discuss the local legends of which he is mostly dismissive.

Recommends a walk through the graveyard.

Mentions the party. Eloise turned 21. She is a bookish type.

Lisette follows him and there is very little to show for it.

Visiting the Castle Plumb

Forthright arms himself with a .45 before visiting the castle.

We barge in like angry Americans looking for oil. Giant staircases and halls meet us. The main doors are wedged shut and no longer used any more.

We are led to the parlour were we wait on chintz sofas before a fireplace. Fortified manor house setup. There are 11th and 12th century buildings of sort with a manor house built within. The parlour has lots of paintings of once rich relatives who were B-list celebrities.

After 5 to 10 minutes Lawrence and his father Sir Arthur Vain arrive to greet us.

They take us on the tour and introduce us to their predecessors. They’ve been here since Edward III. Bestowed to a great (to a great length) grandfather. Gives us a long line of the provenance of the castle.

Takes us to the cellar to see the dungeons. The first room is filled with rubbish, then through a wine cellar, and then down to another level.

The lower dungeon is filled with torture equipment and various other accoutrements of medieval justice.

Recent evidence of new manacles and fresh straw in the cell. Scratches in the stone in the cell

Forthright checks Spot Hidden

End up in the library. Forthright distracts our hosts while Dwayne looks for secret passages. No passages found. Most of the books are pretty boring at this point.

Eloise turns up.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 15
Or, there's something funny about this stew...

Session starts 1st of February. One night away from the next full moon.

Going to Church

Bad singing greets us when we arrive at the church. A greasy haired priest is leading the congregation in a monotone tune of some religious type.

The sermon is on some vague point of theology that even Forthright is not interested in.

We push the vicar on the hound. He seems very defensive, although that could just be his cologne. He also states that Tumwell is a terrible shot. The premise that Lawrence Vine is the beast seems to hit home.

There was a witch hanging on Gallows Hill 300 years ago. Her crimes were consorting with demons, sour milk, wanton activity. Sheep born with extra limbs. Lady Vain accused her.

Castle Plum is named for the Latin Plumbum (lead). Lots of mine shafts around the town. They have been closed for the last hundred or so years.

When asked about Harold Short he warms up immensely. Lydia Perkins, buried locally. Mr Osgood also buried locally.

All those who were killed were on the moor side of the town.

The Laughing Horse Pub

We have lunch at the pub.


Vet says it is similar to large dog and all makes sense. He is not at all suspicious of anything.

  1. Gallows Hill

We can see the full moor. Unhealthy looking trees, rock escarpments, etc.

Lisette looks for stuff and things.

We realise that during the winter the whole moor is going to be foggy as hell. Very little cover or places to hide.

Following the Path from the Village

Forthright checks perception!

We decide to follow one of the winding paths from the village. Forthright notices a man-made object poking out of the earth. Charred planking sticking up out of the earth. Remains of some kind of dwelling. There seem to be the remains of a chimney as well.

There is an interesting geometric pattern on the hearthstone. The symbol is occultic and associated with the 17th century witch era in England. There are other remains which indicate it was a farmstead on the property. It was largish in size.

We continue along the path. We come across a farmer with a big bushy beard and smoking a long pipe. He doesn’t recognise the symbol from the hearthstone. He’s lost sheep as has other people.

The hound is very interesting to him. Tumwell did not kill the hound according to him. He has heard and seen the hound. Great big beast running through the fog. He saw the beast the last full moon. Which was a night after the last killing. The beast (although claimed to be shot) appeared to be unhurt.

The beast was running into the depths of the mist.

The fog is beginning to fog up as we get back into town.

Lawrence at the Pub

Very friendly chap. Conversation will continue next session.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 14
Hey, how much blood is in my breakfast anyway?

Session starts Saturday, 31st of January

Big savage dog that may or may not be dead. The locals report howls on the full moon. The dead are buried in the chapel. No livestock. Alfred lost a sheep through massive confusion as to who his girlfriend.

We have a bad dinner.

Paul nearly weeps at my Durifs…

The howls came from Castle Plum. On top the hill you can see the castle (which is inhabited).

Lesser-Edale has about 30 houses, a church and moors on all sides.

The Vane family occupy the castle. Sir Arthur Vane, Lawrence the son and a daughter. The Vanes own all the land. Lawrence is friendly.

So Tumwell he shot the dog. It went ‘woof’. Mad mangy dog. Huge stray. Big even. Enough to kill two people. Ran off into the hills.

Next day

Crisp bright morning.

Brisk constitutional in the morning up to the space that we were shown last night.

Breakfast. Blood pudding.

We do a walk around the castle to see if there is a path around the castle to the moor. Large paw prints!!! They lead up to a large rock and then out into the moors.

Harold Short

Grandmother: Has left to go to see his brother in fucking Norfolk. He was sorely wounded. He managed to hit the dog with a candlestick which ran away. There were lots of howls so Harold was out looking.

Doesn’t think much of Tumwell.

Castle Plum

Drive up to the castle. Then get insulted by the butler. Bastards.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 13
Or, Hey, is that a giant poodle?

Session starts afternoon of * January 30th*

In an attempt to throw off Erica Carlyle’s goons, we move to the Savoy, leaving majority of our items at the Ritz to make it look like we are still in residence. Dwayne writes a letter implying that we had stolen the stuff from Erica as per Gavigon’s instructions and had sent it to him as per his request. We also make sure to leave a matchstick in the lower part of the door so we can tell if the room has been rifled through.

We arrive at the Savoy around 3pm and settle in.

During the afternoon Forthright learns the spell Body Warping of Gorgoroth.

Professor of Chemistry

Calvin Wright heads to the university to try and get the vials we found at Tewfic’s analysed. Not knowing the name of our previous contact we end with with a very junior chemist. After looking at it, the red stuff is not identifiable.

The black crystals are completely new to science. Apparently a metallic liquid. Junior fellow Longbottom is super excited about it.

Prof Insp Barrington

Not doing well, brain injury. May not make it

The injecting of the Green Liquid

John Ryan volunteers to be the guinea pig. He is given a half dose and he falls asleep quickly. Appears to have difficult dreams. After 2 to 3 hours he wakes up with a gasp.

“Oh my god, the things I have seen!” He loses 4 sanity.

His dreams were back in time with weird looking people (neanderthals) hunting mammoths. He asks for the another full dose.

We give Ryan a full dose. He passes out completely. Starts making crazy scared noises. His pulse is racing and he is shaking all over. Lisette gives him smelling salts. He wakes up with a start and starts screaming all over the place. He is out of his mind with having seen something awful. He drinks a lot of brandy.

The drug sends his mind back in time. He went much further back in time. He saw a hound and it saw him. It is coming for him, apparently.

Trip to the Derwent

Make to Lesser-Edale. Staying in the pub with talking about cows and sheep and shit.

In comes a policeman with a bushy moustache. Const Tumwell.

Next session: talking with Const Tumwell.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 12
Or, It was like that when I found it. Honest.

Current date is January 29th.

Session starts in the boat with an unconscious Barrington in a boat. We arrive at Walton-on-the-Naze around 5am. The boat is missing its roof. A small fishing fleet is gathering. Dr Aloysius Philbert.

Doc Philbert is apparently Lisette! Who’d have thought! Magic…

PIB recovers 3HP and comes to. He goes over the particulars of the case to Doc Philbert so that we now have a witness…

We head to London to get PIB to hospital but to also gather the cavalry to attack the cult.

To Do List

  • Investigate Tewfick
  • Investigate Penhew
  • Get back to Shipley


People arrive looking for PIB. Attempt to bribe the Matron. She won’t have any of it. She palms them off.

Tewfick’s House

Mid- morning. Tewfick’s shop filled with spices and stuff. Ryan attempts to kick in the door saying “We’re running out of Thyme, we’re cumin for you!”. He fails. One of the derelicts heads down an alley. Eventually Forthright shoots the door in.

Inside we see lots of spice. It smells like Ghandi’s thong. Quick search we see a bunch of spices of various descriptions. Egyptian style mats. Storage area with more shit. Forthright has an orange arm now.

We go upstairs. There is a flat upstairs with a large living room with Egyptian stuff in it. There is an oil heater in the room (not lit) but the room is still warm. There is an open copy of the Koran. There is an ornate golden frame with a mirror.

Forthright stares into the mirror, much like a lover would, making kissy faces.

There is a roll top desk. Locked. We force the lock. A search reveals boring stuff. Dwayne pulls a central shelf which opens a secret drawer:

  • Crumbling papyrus scroll covered in hieroglyphics
  • Sandstone vials with red syrup and a black powder with rubbery crystals

Large numbers of homeless people turn up in a menacing way. There are other people also who have hammers and tools and stuff.

We get out the back. Run into a second hand book shop. Someone comes in and checks around but then leaves.

Copy of Budge’s primer to hieroglyphics. The papyrus that we found is titled “A method by which the sorcerer may take the appearance of some other thing”. You need to eat a part of the thing that you wish to look like plus an incantation and other things.

Move back to the car safely. We go to the hospital where the beefy guys are waiting for us.

They are associates of Erica Carlysle. They are super keen to get back everything that Evelyn stole.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 11
Or, Does Lisette Really Need Her Brains?

Session starts during the early morning of January 29th.

Island Attack

We beach our vessel on the North side of the island. We approach the dark side of the house undetected. House looks empty, but is mostly dark. House is old and decrepit. We find a backdoor to the kitchen. Professor Inspector Barrington (PIB) leads us out of the kitchen into the house proper.

Corridor – unlit gas lights, carpet on the floor. Less well maintained than what we would have expected for Gavigan’s estate. Get the impression that it is not maintained well.

We find a bathroom which is of a huge relief to Prof Forthright.

In the middle of the house there is a dining room with a large table and chairs. There is a boring library with dust and boring books that aren’t occult. Through the double doors with a huge room at the end of the house. A great hall with fancy Victorian crap.

Stairs leading up.

Upstairs the bedrooms are all messy and stuff. There are some personal items but they are clearly guest bedrooms. Nothing exciting.

Back in the great hall. There is something odd with the fireplace. A couple of bricks are worn smooth. We push the bricks and a panel opens up behind the fireplace. There are stairs there!!!

Down the stairs! The entire basement is filled with cells with lockable doors. There are characters written on the wall that are foreign. Up to 14 days marked on the wall. Signs of scuffles and drag marks. Dried blood.

There is a door at the end.

Forthright passes Listen

Gavigon’s Horde: We find a torture chamber with implements. Rack, tongs, pincers, etc. Looks more like a sorcery chamber. Statuary, ornaments, etc. Most of which seems Egyptians. An onyx black pharaoh sits in the corner. Lots of rings with weird symbols.

Forthright loses 1 Sanity

On a table next to the desk there is a large ledger. Shipping to:

- Ho Phong
- Darwin, Randolph Shipping
- Shanghai
- Egypt, NY, Odessa, Calcutta, LA

For example: Yig statue, etc, invoice, etc.

On top of the desk, a half written letter.

28th of January, 1925
Dear Albury [Penhew],
Elias dealt with in NYC. Must deal with Brady [Carlysle’s bodyguard]

Metal vials with the Elder sign. (Taken).

The Rite

Huge fire burning with 24-25 cultists dancing around an Egyptian Stele. Two people standing behind a stone altar. They are high priests. One is Gavigon! Six sacrificial people are being beaten to death whilst chained to the obelisk. Their screams are loud and annoying. There are rotting corpses to the sides of the fire.

At a signal from Gaviagan, one of the cultists turns the club around and attempts to stab one of the female sacrifices.

The Battle

  • We blast the sacrificer to smithereens.
  • Gavigon says we need to be got.
  • Barrington goes down badly.
  • Forthright drops the one in front of him.
  • Forthright wounds another one.
  • Sanford Cuttling (Lisette) dies! Brained brutally.
  • Evelyn (Hayley) dies through an evil spell cast by Tewfick. She shrivels up and dies.
  • Time to run!!!

We are left alone as giant dragon birds arrive. They appear half rotten and luminescent. The cultists are trying to get on their backs. Others are eating the bodies of the sacrifices. Gavigan is getting furious with the cultists who are not chasing after us.

The Escape

We reach the boat. We set out to sea. The giant dragon birds spot us and come after us. Forthright opens up and destroys it! Although it flies off, so not that good…

Forthright checks Rifle

Forthright checks Pistol

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 10
Quick! We need a boat!

Session starts early in the morning of 28th of January, Wednesday.

Library Research

Blue Pyramid:

  • Back 15 years, notice of new business.
  • Registered under the name of Abdul Nawish. All taxes and everything in order.

Black Pharaoh:

  • Singular reference in an outdated tome on Egyptology (1870s). Mentions the myth of the Black Pharaoh who was a magical necromancer ruler. Ancient.


  • No mentions of him in the press.

Missing Persons of in Connection to the Blue Pyramid:

*Dwayne botched it.

Tentacle Attack:

  • Reference to one old man who was rescued by a police officer with his torch. Treated as a funny topic.

Royal Society

Cuttling goes to the Royal Society to investigate the vial of green goop that we found at Shipley’s bedroom.

Suspicious that it is a drug that causes a mental effect.

Inspector Barrington

He’s out of the station. They send a runner.

He arrives. We convince him that there is a truck leaving tonight. He seems super excited. We arrange to meet up and tail the truck.

Gun Shopping at Wilber Heathcote & Sons

  • 2 Webleys
    • 200 rounds
  • 2 1911s .45s
    • 200 rounds
  • 2 12 Gauges
    • 48 Buckshoot
    • 48 Slug

Teufick’s House of Spice Store, Ardour Street, Soho

Time: 9pm

Lots of homeless folk laying around on the streets under blankets. Ryan runs over to a wall, pretending to be drunk, and pees on a wall.

The Raid on The Blue Pyramid

Only Inspector Barrington turns up.

Eventually the truck turns up. Nine to ten people jump into the truck. Mostly Egyptian but some whites.

Follow the truck south out of London. We turn off the lights and follow successfully.

Time: 2am

We find ourselves at the marshes to the North Sea. Truck takes a turn to a minor road. Turns right onto a very small lane. We get to a bridge. There is a guard and gate over the bridge. Quite close to Walton on the Naze.

We hoist someone over and we unlock the gate. There is an island at the other end of the bridge. Rising on top of the island is a large manor house. There is an Egyptian Obelisk!

Another gate at the other end of the bridge. Three guards at the guard house.

We go back and steal a boat and get it in to the island. Apparently Barrington is good with boats! Who’d have thought.

As we get in close, we start to hear strange chanting sounds. We jump assure on the opposite part of the island.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 9
Oh look, a hookah!

Session starts during the morning of January 27th.

Some details are reconfirmed this session from last session due to the incident.

Scotland Yard with Inspector Barrington

  • Egyptian Murders – he is completely baffled.
  • Took on the case a year ago when his predecessor vanished suddenly
  • 17 murders over 4 years
  • Mostly of Egyptian connection
  • Blue Pyramid
  • Had been speaking with Jackson Elias
    • Murders were ritual killings by The Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh, a death cult.
    • Thinks Elias is sensation seeking, thanks to Gavigan.
  • Told him Elias was good, Gavigan bad.
  • All limbs broken then stabbed through the heart

Shipley Gallery

9 Holbien Mews – poor part of Soho. Houses either side are boarded up and derelict.

Knock on the door. Shuffling feet. Old lady (Miles’ mother).

The old lady makes us tea!

Whole house is cold and dark.

Unshaven scrawny fellow with wide staring crazy eyes steps in through the door.

Excited crazy person. Super enthusiastic about his art. Takes up to his studio straight away. Started painting like this a few years ago.

Studio in the garret. Dangling lamps. Artist shit everywhere.

Three tiers of finished paintings. All disturbing and unspeakable.

  • First tier: 4 paintings
    • Crazy paintings of people being eaten by monsters, or sacrificed by alien monsters
    • One painting is of an African setting. Monstrous form rising above a mountain. Priests standing around with bloody tongues on their heads.
    • Forthright loses 3 Sanity
  • Second tier: 5 paintings
  • Third tier: 5 paintings

Evelyn goes searching for Miles’ diary. Fails multiple times and finally gets it. Then flounders with the toilet. Hayley breaks into the bedroom and finds a green liquid in a vial and a syringe.

Journey to the Hyatt – The Fog!

As we leave a great fog has descended upon us. A real peasouper. There is a strong smell of burnt hair.

Tentacles crawl into Calvin’s nostrils and mouth. He panics and runs straight into Cuttling. Cuttling has tentacles attack him too!

Cuttling shines a torch on it and disappears in the light. As it disappears the fog starts to lift.

We’re getting close to something.

The Blue Pyramid

Take a taxi to the location. Down a bit of an alley in a behind-the-block kind of way. Largely ethnic makeup to the crowd. Traditional Egyptian music playing. Walk into a reception area. Maitre-d wearing a fez takes us in. Large number of round tables with belly-dancers running around. A real high buzz in the room.

One distinctive group – large person wearing a fez and large moustache. He’s doing business it seems.

Many different artists and acts. Lots of different courses come by.

Ask who the man is Abdul Nawisha – the owner of the place.

Abdul Nawisha

Pretends to be dumb about anything.

Tells us to visit the Bazaars when we go to Egypt.

We mention the Black Pharaoh and get palmed off.

Escorted back to the table. Ten minutes later a bellydancer drops a piece of paper on the table.

Meet me out the back a 1am.


1am Out the Back

The meeting is with a woman. She has information on the Brotherhood. Her boyfriend disappeared a month ago. The brotherhood have been taking people away and doing horrible things. Boyfriend was called Poot. A truck comes to take people away from this location once a month and takes a couple dozen people. All Egyptian. Blue Pyramid customers. Due tomorrow night. Led by Tewfick Alsahid – a spice merchant.

They get into the truck willingly. For the most part. Poot was due to visit her at the club a month ago but never showed up. Disappeared around the same time as the truck arrives.

Got her address.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 8
Or, What Does Dwayne Think He's Doing Up There?

Tonight was the incident where Peter doesn’t remember much… I think. Or was that the next one?

Dwayne is out of the building. Late at night, cold, chilly and there is snow.

January 27th: Wake up early in the morning. Still very cold.

Lisette goes to Royal Society.

The grey ash is powdered meat – animal substance, powdered nitre. It’s totally a mummy wrapping.

The Scoop Newspaper

@9am: bustling busy office. Rushing reporters getting reports. Cigar smoking Irish asshole who spoke in Irish English.

Gave an interview about Elias. Came from London last, he was scared about something.

Read the papers he was interested in.

Various articles of interest.

Mr Barrington is the next contact.

Miles Shipley is the artist

Lesser-Edale (sightings are on the full moon, which is 8th of February).

Forthright to check out Penhew stuff.

Inspector Barrington

At Scotland Yard.

Blue Pyramid in Soho – belly dancing and Egyptian hangout.

Lesser-Esdale – no Egyptian connection. Must be a bear or something.

Inspector Warrington – didn’t turn up to work one day. Pre-Barrington.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 7
Or, Why Is So Much Of This Stuff Egyptian?

Session starts at Gavigon’s office.

Lots of Egyptian stuff.

The business is mostly about catalogs apparently.

North wall of Gavigon’s office is a door to a closet slightly ajar. Door in the back of the closet to a room at the back of the building. Storage room. Lots of boxes and crates. There is an empty mommy case. Scraps underneath the case. Can’t budge.

Steps coming toward the office! Ohnoes! It is the security guard. He takes Dwayne up to the showroom.

We get kicked out of the foundation at closing.

The Scoop Newspaper

Egyptian murders – some Egyptian fellow in London butchered brutally. Blunt objects. Pierced heart.

Obituaries: Jackson Elias – readers of The Scoop our correspondent Jackson Elias.

Editor: Mickey Mahoney

The Penhew Caper

Around 11pm, we approach the foundation. We observe that the security guard has around a 30 minute patrol.

Dwayne gets stuck on the wall. Lisette gets stuck on the wall. John gets over the wall.

Dwayne goes investigating underneath.

Concrete bunker room with supplies and shit. Large box with:

Ho Fong Imports
15 Cow Yang Rd
Shanghai, China

Attn: Ho Fong

Randalph Shipping Company
Port Darwin

Attn: Randalph

Fine walnut bookcase with glass protected shelves of books and scrolls.


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