Masks of Nyarlathotep

A Murder at the University
Or, Take Care Where You Step

First session.

Dr Leiter, a lecturer in ancient history and specialist in old manuscripts, has been found dead at his desk. He had recently been asked to look over the Hobbs (?) Library, a collection of old manuscripts from the early day’s of the Boston Colony.

He was found dead by his assistant, whose name I have forgotten.

There are papers from the Hobbs (?) library missing, and this is a bad thing.

A search of his office yielded:

  • a gambling disk from Atlantic City
  • a matchbook from Hibbs Roadhouse, with the name Lucy and a lipstick kiss
  • a weird experience with the mirror, which was broken
  • scorch marks

Fairly quickly it was determined that Dr Leiter was involved in forgery!

Examined the body in the morgue. It spoke to Evelyn Cooper, who didn’t like it very much.


Welcome, and Notes about Getting Started
In which the Keeper discusses divers matters

Greetings, one and all to our Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Masks of Nyarlathotep Game!

We’re going to be starting in September of 1920, using one of the new scenarios in the back of the 7th Edition Keeper’s Rulebook. No naughty peeking!

The initial scenario starts in New England, and revolves around Miskatonic University in Arkham.

I would like you to think of how you might like your character to know a certain Jackson Elias – a middle aged author, specializing in books about death cults both historical and modern. He’s a stand-up sort of guy, always has time (and resources) for his friends, quite adventurous, but probably too curious for his own good.

Have a think about what sort of characters you might like to construct. Note that this is Call of Cthulhu: you don’t necessarily need to have a combat monster of a character, it’s perfectly acceptable to be a little old lady or aging professor type – although it’s also fine to have a more rough and ready character.

It’s also a good idea to have some concept about how the group is integrated together, whether it be through social, family or professional connections etc.

Call of Cthulhu can be a deadly game for your PC’s. Be prepared for character death. You might find yourself playing a number of different characters during this campaign.


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