Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 25
Or, Do I wibble when I wobble?

Session starts: <insert>

Dashur Pyramids

Forthright checks hieroglyphics

The stone’s writings looks like some kind of protective ward.

There are two pyramids at Dashur, one red and the bent one.

Black Sphinx rises at the bent pyramid.

The bad guy is in the bent pyramid. The the red pyramid is part of the protection of the pyramid.

The Bent Pyramid

Late afternoon into evening. There are entrances in the west and north. The north entrance is guarded.

West entrance

A cool dark passageway leads in. The ancientness of the structure impresses us. We first encounter a false funerary chamber. Two, very thick, alabaster columns. There is something odd about the right pillar. At the bottom is an indentation. It is apparently a seperate piece of stone. With a creak a door opens.

We open the heavy door. It reveals twenty steps up. Running up them we find a series of ramps that climb up to the interior. There is an asymmetrical arch. This area was described in the book Crompton’s Life as a God. There are six five foot pillars are spaced around it. On top of the pillars are dull looking alien gems. OK, odd looking. Carved in black obsidian there is a throne in the centre. The great chair sits on a raised dais. Raised inscriptions cover the wall around the throne.

The inscriptions foretell the impending birth of the child of Nyralathotep within the mountains of the black wind. The prophecy further foresees massive destruction will foretell the birth.

The wall on the left of the throne holds two bas-reliefs. These have planetary symbols. Some are spooky. On the wall to the right is a distorted map with all the continents. There are rubies in Hong Kong, Kenya and Perth. An inlaid ebony band lays an arc across the pacific. Arcane symbols are everywhere.

After a while we notice a very faint light is emanating from the gems at the top of the pillars. The entrance to the chamber appears to be stone now. Fuck.

All of a sudden we are aware of a presence sitting on the throne. A pharaoh appears. He is wearing all the traditional garb. He is super evil. He is the Black Pharaoh!!!

To his left and right the air boils and bends. Horrific creatures vaguely appear, but not quite.

He starts speak and he is super mean and cutting. He advises us to return to our homes.

He gives us visions of the Carlyle Expedition in Kenya. We see visions of hideous nasty creatures descending from the sky. Other creatures lurch from the ground. Etc. Pretty messy as people die.

Forthright loses 4 sanity

All the white members of the expedition are ripped apart.

He carries on about us being all trivial and inconsequential. He is very discouraging and not much of a motivational speaker.

He opens up a vision of Ancient Egypt. It is before the red pyramid exists. Slowly the pharaoh disappears from the throne. As does the slab from the archway.

Dwayne goes insane

We stumble out into the dark desert.


We drive back to Cairo. As we arrive at our hotel room. Along with all the normal cats, there is a large panther looking through the window at us.

Later that evening a bedraggled van horvalen calls us down to the concierge. He is pacing around the lobby and looking nervous. There are scratches on his arms. He is looking very worried and concerned.

He is banging on about the lady and the cats. She wants the scrolls back. He complains that he hasn’t finished the translations. We offer him sanctuary.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 24
Or, What does a soldier need to do to get some love around here?

Dr Ophelia had the date with the soldier and it was nice. She kissed him on the cheek.

El Wasta

The next day we decide to El Wasta. It is a couple of hours up the Nile (South).

We drive into the market. We are being targeted by local vendors who see chumps driving in. We continue driving through and then park.

We ask a local vendor where to find Nyiti.


When we arrive we are met by a young man missing his right arm, right shoulder and right side of his face. These missing parts of his body appear to have been gouged out. Looks like a shark attack. He is gardening.

The man speaks very slowly. He’s been damaged badly. When we ask where Nyiti is, he says she’s his mother. He gets defensive about her. He leads us in.

The house he takes us to is dark and shadowy. Dirty and old.

Nyiti’s hands and jaw have been burned away. These are old wounds. She sits rocking to herself. As she sees us she sparks up. As part of her greeting she just makes gurgling noises. She points to the corner. There is a bundle in the corner which she appears to want us to see.

Forthright checks Archeology

It is a rush basket with a red symbol of protection. Within the basket is a 7×9” slab of white stone. Irregular edges indicate it was broken from a large stone. The incisions are centuries old. It is from a pyramid. As the stone is revealed to the sun, it is revealed to be pink. (Red Pyramid at Dashur).

As we take the stone she relaxes and loses interest in us. She has passed the baton on, so to speak.

There is a pattern on the stone that indicates that it is part of a grander design. There is part of an Ankh and other cartouches.

Dashur Pyramids

We went to the pyramids. There were carvings and stuff. May match the stone we got.

We looked to see if the stone could match. We find nothing.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 23
Or, Does My Pussy Look Big In This?


  • Shelmerdine 2009 Heathcote Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Hand Crafted by Geoff Hardy 2015 Limestone Coast Lagrein
  • The Stubborn Few 2016 South Australia Shiraz

Forthright loses 1pt of Sanity

Forthright gains 1pt Cthulhu Mythos

We listen to JV’s translation of his found scrolls. Lots and lots about Baste.

Forthright offers to fund him but he thinks he can do better. We offer him $10,000 and he still thinks he can do better.

We talk to the landlord after we leave. We pay a week’s rent for JV and give him $5 for any news of weird and wonderful things.

A young beautiful lady walks in carrying a cat. Other cats are purring all around her. She is stunning and lithely walks up to JV.

We make our way across the road to the shop on the other side. We run in and find that they are selling random pottery.

Dwayne hears words to the effect of “you should return what is stolen”, and, “the lady is not pleased”, etc. He is clearly being warned to return the scrolls. There are clues to be found here. Twenty to thirty cats are gathering around the house.

The lady leaves, however, many of the cats stay.

Following the Cat Lady

We start to catch up the cat lady. She stops in the market to buy some supper. The cats dissipate but still seem to follow her with their eyes. She sits down and puts the cat down while she eats.

She is dressed “out of time” and very well presented. She is wearing a circlet rather than any scarf. Tall and elegant, she moves with a cat like grace.

Dwayne catches up with her and she asks how she can help him. They discuss the documents that JV is planning to sell. Apparently they are all stolen. The lady doesn’t know of the Clive Expedition.

She doesn’t want to talk about the theft. He apparently got them from a secretive place. She asks us to help convince him to return the documents. When asked for proof, she says JV should know exactly where to return the documents. Apparently the consequences will be dire.

She starts enquiring about Dwayne’s background. She insults the good ol’ USA.

Morning at the Hotel

Newspaper: The Mosque of Ibm Tulun has collapsed killing six of the residents. The imam is OK, but damaged. The roof collapsed on them.

Apparently multiple copies of the Koran were not enough to protect them. Nasir is in the hospital being treated for shock. This leaves the protection of the Girdle of Nitocris in question.

Nasir is being kept in the mental ward. We get let into a horrible, terrifying, ward. The cats have followed us to the hospital.

We find Nasir staring out the window, drooling. We ask what happened to the girdle. He is unresponsive. We give the doctors our contact details and a bribe to look after Nasir and contact us if he becomes responsive.

Mosque of Ibm Tulun

The location of the girdle has been destroyed with lots of damage to the roof area.

There are people staring at us weirdly. There is an overwhelmed young man who is not coping with the level of responsibility being thrust upon him.

We thrust our way to the front of the line.

Through a translator we find out that they were attacked by strange creatures and monsters sent by the evil one.

The police have come by and have taken their stuff.

The creatures were like large worms that caused tremors and such.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 22
Or, hey, look at all this pussy!

Cairo Museum

Talking to Dr Ali Kafur:

  • Clive expedition discovered Nitocris’ mummy. She re-ignited his cult
  • Janwilliem Vanheuvelen was fired by the Clive expedition for drinking too much and being incompetent. We should talk to him because he might know something.

The Black Pharaoh

  • Came from City of Pillars
  • 3rd Dynasty
  • He came with the Necronomicon
  • He ruled in terror and evil
  • He is Nyarlathotep.

Mahmud’s Uncle’s Bar

Lisette hits on a local ex-soldier (British). He describes how he followed someone for the Clive Expedition. He almost certainly knows where Janwilliem Vanheuvelen is.

William Wise know a lot. Has been a soldier and heavy for a while. Has worked for Clive:

  • JV has almost certainly stolen something
  • No-one has picked him up

Janwilliem Vanheuelen

Janwilliem is a drunkard and a pain in the arse. He was part of their digs in Giza. He found the Nitocris mummy.

  • He is skeptical of the find, thinking that it wasn’t Nitocris.
  • It was found in the smallest pyramid of the three at Giza. No identifying marks.
  • She must have been important because there were very many beautiful artefacts. The dating is accurate.
  • The mummy disappeared. It was three nights after the discovery. Terrible screams were heard from within the pyramid and many people were missing afterwards.
  • He was let go shortly thereafter
  • Horrified to hear he was followed

When asked about the expedition:

  • Dr Clive is a cold hearted bastard. No-one seems to like him. However, he is a good academic
  • Martin Winfield who is nice fellow who is a young man who is quite junior. He was very kind to JV after he was fired.
  • Agatha Broadmoor – she is a medium who was used to contact the dead through a trance and was used for contacting the spirits of the dead to help them identify where to dig. She held seances to talk to the dead people who were dug up.
  • James Gardner. Very much a Jungian who is published but not well read. He has a theory that there is a maze under the sphinx.
  • Johannes Sprech. He is a heiroglyphic wunderkind.

The day of the disappearance of the mummy, there was a scream and then it took them 20 minutes to get to the chamber. The police guards were gone. It is assumed that they were taken.

A cat walks in at this point and he immediately throws a bottle at it. It leaves. He is being followed by cats everywhere.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 21

Todo from last session:

  • Omar Shakti
  • Clive expedition to look at
  • Jake Brady? Hong Kong?
  • Clive expedition ask Nigel Wasif (Cairo Bulletin)
  • Bent Pyramid
  • Collapsed Pyramid
  • Cairo museum
  • Faraz Najir tells us the Brotherhood wanted an item at the Mosque of Ibm Talun?
    • Nyiti from Alwastar
      • Onbar

Ibm Talun (Mosque)

Mahmud arrives before breakfast with new shiny and very squeaky shoes. He appears a little PTSDy from the last night’s horrors.

We head off and it is near stuff. The mosque is near the city of the dead. The mosque is ancient and plain. As we exit the car we notice that it is very quiet with few people.

It is just before prayer time. Ophelia is told to stay outside. We wait with Mahmud. We walk in to see the cleric. We observe the local customs carefully by continuing to wear trousers.

Through Mahmud we find out who the “guy in charge” is.

Through careful negotiations “we ask about the Black Pharaoh” we get ushered into a back office.

We persuade them that we should be involved in their cause. They are harbouring Girdle of Queen Nitocris. The demonic menaces are served by some evil men who value it as a relic of their evil past. She was an evil dark magician. The girdle is guarded carefully by old men with 15th century sabres. They are wise in the ways of fairy tales the Koran.

Forthright gives him a cheque which he will spend on defence of the relic. By buying copies of the Koran.

Cairo Museum

We are met by a receptionist that tries to help us find the right place to start looking.

Dr Ali Kafur is aware of the Black Pharaoh and takes us to a private room where he discusses things and stuff. He is aware of the forces at play and appears at face value to be an ally.

Nitocris and the Black Pharaoh were ancient lovers full of lusty lust for each other Mummy style. They were both assassinated.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 20
Or, Does this Fez Make My Bottom Look Fat?

The session starts with us lost in the back streets of Cairo. We are concerned about the dead bodies and the strange noises that caused us to be kicked out of Faraz Najir’s place.

Forthright checks listen

We hear the sounds of people knocking and clamouring for Faraz to open his door. The crowd sounds angry and upset with Faraz. Sounds of smashing and violence.

We send Mahmud off to find policemen.

As we watch, Faraz is stabbed in the stomach. There is evidence that the crowd killed the policemen.

It is confirmed that we would recognise the majority of them in the future if we see them again.

Forthright checks stealth

Six in total. I am hidden so I don’t give a shit.

Lisette runs to check on Faraz. He’s got a very bad stomach wound.

He says it was the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh.

Police arrive. Five in total.

We explain the situation to the Sgt. We head back to the hotel.

The Next Day

Mahmud mets us at the door. As does the Sgt.

We ask the sgt where Warran Bessat is. He says no. He takes us to the station. He disappears to find stuff.

Warran Bessat lives at the Red Door on the Street of Scorpions in the old city.

Cairo Bulletin

We arrive to collect the clippings. Lots of yelling and shit.

We receive a clipping regarding the fire of Faraz’s place. Police are baffled. There are no leads.

Warren Bessat

Mahmud takes us to the address.

We find a red door on the street. It looks like a clothing store with lots of examples of clothing available.

Inside there is portly man wearing a fez.

Dwayne makes a fat joke at Peter’s expense

I get five suits made up.

His name is Abou Udhreh.

Forthright checks psychology

He is lying. He glances at the door at the back. I open the door and see a man wearing a fucking Arabic thing hidden and smoking shit. He is on a filthy bed. And smoking hashish.

Forthright checks Natural World

He is smoking cheap marijuana.

Warren looks at us all bubbly.



  • Omar Shakti
  • Clive expedition to look at
  • Jake Brady? Hong Kong?
  • Clive expedition ask Nigel Wasif (Cairo Bulletin)
  • Bent Pyramid
  • Collapsed Pyramid
  • Cairo museum
  • Brotherhood wanted an item at the Mosque of Ibm Mashood?
    • Nyiti from Alwastar
      • Onbar
Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 19
Or, Who Ordered Their Souvenirs Well Done?

To Do:

  • Office of Antiquities to see the Carlyle group site
  • Fariz Najir dealer on some street what has some things. On the Street of Jackals
    ** A local agent?

We put our valuables into locker 43.

Nigel Wassif

Just across the road to the hotel is the office of the Cairo Bulletin. A well dressed man is making his way into the office. He runs a small newspaper.

Early 40s, pencil moustache, clean and very well dressed.

We discuss Jackson Elias and the Carlyle.

We order a clipping service for Elias and Carlyle and arrange to come back tomorrow.

Office of Antiquities

On our way we are accosted by Mahmud who offers to show us around. He is surprisingly good at shooing away the vendors.

Forthright eats figs

We enquire about the Carlyle Expedition. We are shuffled off to some office with a folder full of papers.

  • 11 May 1919 end 10 days later. Digs around Giza. Mostly exploratory trenches. We note the location and dates.
  • 23rd of May at Saqqur ends May 31
  • June: Later there were papers filed for Dashur. Finished before July.
  • After which they head off to Kenya.

Penhew Foundation currently has an expedition at Memphis being run by Dr Henry Clive. They are here every year and have done so for many years.

Street of the Jackals

The street is one of those narrow aromatic streets. As we wander down the street, one shop stands out. It is burned to the ground and the locals invoke Allah as they pass by.

We ask Mahmud. Apparently it was the shop we were looking for. Apparently a large demon came down and destroyed it. The owner was inside at the time. The owner was horribly burnt but moved to a different shop.

A shop in Sharia Muezzeddin Allah.

Sharia Muezzeddin Allah

In the midst of pottery stores, there is a new store. Most of his stock is tourist garbage. The shop is cramped with only a thin path leading between the curios.

Faraz is burned and melted. We mention Robert Carlyle and he starts yelling at us to leave his shop. We mention we can pay him and he whispers “come back tonight.”

We break for lunch.

Main Police Station

We head to the main police station to organise some police escort for tonight. We talk to a few chaps and make outrageous promises to look after them.

Return to the Cairo Bulletin

We are handed a sheaf of papers in a manila folder.

We add the Street Jackal fire to the collection.

Notes from the Cairo Bulletin

Photo showing Sir Albury, Robert Carlyle, Hypatia Masters and Dr Robert Huston emerging from the dinner at the Turf Club two days after their arrival. Huston looks worried. Jack Brady may be in the back of the image.

Check page 93 of the book for here, Paul!

Return to Sharia Muezzeddin Allah

We pick up the muscle on the way. Also Mahmud (who is nervous around the police).

The police are left at the end of the road looking beefy. Mahmud comes with us.

We give Faraz a small payment before he will continue.

He tells us about the Carlyle Expedition. He wanted information about the Black Pharaoh. Ended by Snafuru. A bust of the Black Pharaoh, a drum with symbols and his crown. The key to his triumph over death.

Sold to Warren Besart, Carlyle’s agent.

The items came from the house of Omar Shakti, the cotton guy. These items were sold to Besart in 1918.

There are dark elements working through this land which Faraz has come afoul of. The Black Brotherhood stole the mummy from the Clive expedition. The Clive expedition found a queen’s sarcophagus which was stolen shortly thereafter. They are after another item held in the Mosque of Ibn-Tulan.

The Black Brotherhood is a cult dedicated to the Black Pharaoh. They are related to the people who burned down his shop. Living fire or demon or ifrite called down on him.

We leave out the back door.

We circle around and find the muscle with their throats cut ear to ear. They look like they put up a fight. All to no good.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 18
Or, We Didn't Have to Run the Session in Real Time

Session starts 2nd of February.

We head to Hull and catch a ferry to Calais. We then journey to Said in Egypt. We arrive in the afternoon of the 6th of February.

Dwayne meets an ex-member of the military who is off to be part of the governance of Egypt. George Halliwell with his wife Penelope.

Forthright learns how to contact things of great antiquity.

Lisette learns how to make zombies. The bloody tongue people in New York are the same as the Kenyan mob.

We arrive on to dusty streets and dusty people. Mosques and minarets call the faithful to prayer.

We catch a train to Cairo where we arrive at dusk. We make our way to the The Shepard’s Hotel and book a suite of rooms. We hire a boy called Moh who will be available tomorrow morning for a few hours.

In the morning we are introduced to Muhammed. He takes us to the pyramids. We stop for coffee and then have a donkey cart ride. Not many tourists around.

To Do:

  • Office of Antiquities to see the Carlyle group site
  • Fariz Jarjar dealer on some street what has some things.
    • A local agent?
Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 17
Or, Who's a Good Boy?

The session starts the night of the full moon

After a brief introduction, Eloise goes to make a sandwich. Not for Dr Forthright, which concerned a little. He was peckish.

The walkthrough of the manor being complete, the Lord Vain suggests we look at the walls surrounding the castle. These are apparently interesting and there are strong hints from the GM that we should look at them. Turns out that we suck mightily at looking at things. We decide to look around the outer buildings. We discover random animals.

We look around at some of the other buildings around the castle. There is an old stable hand who is large and provincial. We inquire about the hound and he offers that the attacks started after the young master came home and Eloise had her 21st.

Forthright clumsily brings up Mrs Vain. Apparently she died 15 years ago. There was a ‘farm accident’. Suspicious. Apparently she was killed by a random floating scythe. The hound appears every few weeks for a few nights. Roughly synced up with how often his wife gets grumpy with him.

We go to the stable. There is a nice new door. Because the hound wanted to get to the horses. There is a large steel bolt and padlock.

We all look for the old doors but find none because we suck at looking at things.

The Pub

Over dinner a woman rushes in saying her daughter has been taken by the hound. We all burst outside grabbing weapons Tendrils of mist and fog shimmering down through the moor. We rush across the road to the woman’s house.

Silhouetted on the peak of Gallows’s Hill a beast on two legs dragging a small child. The child appears to be lifeless, hanging limply in the beast’s arms.

We give chase! It has stopped to give a last stand.

Forthright opens up and checks the hell out of Rifles. The beast is shot to hell.

Sir Arthur Vain comes running across the moor screaming at us to stop shooting. As he nears us he starts yelling “She’s just a girl!!!”. We can’t calm him down. He raises a shotgun and shots poor defenceless John Ryan. Both Dwayne and Forthright kill Arthur Vain immediately.

The beast starts to get up. Lisette shoots it. We try to get the beast to the dungeon to chain it up.

We drag the beast back to the castle where it is locked up and bound. Lots of villagers aid us in getting her back.

We interrogate the son. The daughter took the curse as soon as she turned 21. The vicar has ideas about why she turns. Apparently there have been cases in the past, plaguing the house since the 17th c.

Forthright loses 5 Sanity

The vicar tells us a story where the old Vain had a witch burned at the stake. The witch cursed the mother Vain with lycanthropy.

We go back to London.

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 16
Or, Make Mine a Double!

Session starts the evening of the 1st of February.

Lawrence at the Pub

Make an appointment to see the castle at 10am tomorrow.

He studied philosophy at Oxford.

We salute meat pies.

We discuss the local legends of which he is mostly dismissive.

Recommends a walk through the graveyard.

Mentions the party. Eloise turned 21. She is a bookish type.

Lisette follows him and there is very little to show for it.

Visiting the Castle Plumb

Forthright arms himself with a .45 before visiting the castle.

We barge in like angry Americans looking for oil. Giant staircases and halls meet us. The main doors are wedged shut and no longer used any more.

We are led to the parlour were we wait on chintz sofas before a fireplace. Fortified manor house setup. There are 11th and 12th century buildings of sort with a manor house built within. The parlour has lots of paintings of once rich relatives who were B-list celebrities.

After 5 to 10 minutes Lawrence and his father Sir Arthur Vain arrive to greet us.

They take us on the tour and introduce us to their predecessors. They’ve been here since Edward III. Bestowed to a great (to a great length) grandfather. Gives us a long line of the provenance of the castle.

Takes us to the cellar to see the dungeons. The first room is filled with rubbish, then through a wine cellar, and then down to another level.

The lower dungeon is filled with torture equipment and various other accoutrements of medieval justice.

Recent evidence of new manacles and fresh straw in the cell. Scratches in the stone in the cell

Forthright checks Spot Hidden

End up in the library. Forthright distracts our hosts while Dwayne looks for secret passages. No passages found. Most of the books are pretty boring at this point.

Eloise turns up.


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