Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 10

Quick! We need a boat!

Session starts early in the morning of 28th of January, Wednesday.

Library Research

Blue Pyramid:

  • Back 15 years, notice of new business.
  • Registered under the name of Abdul Nawish. All taxes and everything in order.

Black Pharaoh:

  • Singular reference in an outdated tome on Egyptology (1870s). Mentions the myth of the Black Pharaoh who was a magical necromancer ruler. Ancient.


  • No mentions of him in the press.

Missing Persons of in Connection to the Blue Pyramid:

*Dwayne botched it.

Tentacle Attack:

  • Reference to one old man who was rescued by a police officer with his torch. Treated as a funny topic.

Royal Society

Cuttling goes to the Royal Society to investigate the vial of green goop that we found at Shipley’s bedroom.

Suspicious that it is a drug that causes a mental effect.

Inspector Barrington

He’s out of the station. They send a runner.

He arrives. We convince him that there is a truck leaving tonight. He seems super excited. We arrange to meet up and tail the truck.

Gun Shopping at Wilber Heathcote & Sons

  • 2 Webleys
    • 200 rounds
  • 2 1911s .45s
    • 200 rounds
  • 2 12 Gauges
    • 48 Buckshoot
    • 48 Slug

Teufick’s House of Spice Store, Ardour Street, Soho

Time: 9pm

Lots of homeless folk laying around on the streets under blankets. Ryan runs over to a wall, pretending to be drunk, and pees on a wall.

The Raid on The Blue Pyramid

Only Inspector Barrington turns up.

Eventually the truck turns up. Nine to ten people jump into the truck. Mostly Egyptian but some whites.

Follow the truck south out of London. We turn off the lights and follow successfully.

Time: 2am

We find ourselves at the marshes to the North Sea. Truck takes a turn to a minor road. Turns right onto a very small lane. We get to a bridge. There is a guard and gate over the bridge. Quite close to Walton on the Naze.

We hoist someone over and we unlock the gate. There is an island at the other end of the bridge. Rising on top of the island is a large manor house. There is an Egyptian Obelisk!

Another gate at the other end of the bridge. Three guards at the guard house.

We go back and steal a boat and get it in to the island. Apparently Barrington is good with boats! Who’d have thought.

As we get in close, we start to hear strange chanting sounds. We jump assure on the opposite part of the island.


SirPerfluous RupertG

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