Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 13

Or, Hey, is that a giant poodle?

Session starts afternoon of * January 30th*

In an attempt to throw off Erica Carlyle’s goons, we move to the Savoy, leaving majority of our items at the Ritz to make it look like we are still in residence. Dwayne writes a letter implying that we had stolen the stuff from Erica as per Gavigon’s instructions and had sent it to him as per his request. We also make sure to leave a matchstick in the lower part of the door so we can tell if the room has been rifled through.

We arrive at the Savoy around 3pm and settle in.

During the afternoon Forthright learns the spell Body Warping of Gorgoroth.

Professor of Chemistry

Calvin Wright heads to the university to try and get the vials we found at Tewfic’s analysed. Not knowing the name of our previous contact we end with with a very junior chemist. After looking at it, the red stuff is not identifiable.

The black crystals are completely new to science. Apparently a metallic liquid. Junior fellow Longbottom is super excited about it.

Prof Insp Barrington

Not doing well, brain injury. May not make it

The injecting of the Green Liquid

John Ryan volunteers to be the guinea pig. He is given a half dose and he falls asleep quickly. Appears to have difficult dreams. After 2 to 3 hours he wakes up with a gasp.

“Oh my god, the things I have seen!” He loses 4 sanity.

His dreams were back in time with weird looking people (neanderthals) hunting mammoths. He asks for the another full dose.

We give Ryan a full dose. He passes out completely. Starts making crazy scared noises. His pulse is racing and he is shaking all over. Lisette gives him smelling salts. He wakes up with a start and starts screaming all over the place. He is out of his mind with having seen something awful. He drinks a lot of brandy.

The drug sends his mind back in time. He went much further back in time. He saw a hound and it saw him. It is coming for him, apparently.

Trip to the Derwent

Make to Lesser-Edale. Staying in the pub with talking about cows and sheep and shit.

In comes a policeman with a bushy moustache. Const Tumwell.

Next session: talking with Const Tumwell.


SirPerfluous RupertG

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