Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 6

Or, When did I eat carrots, and can someone stop the sea moving?

January 20

Returned from the party exhausted and worn out. Too excited to sleep, we skimmed through the books we had recovered from Erica Carlyle’s house.

Read all the books.

- The Pnakotic Manuscripts
- Selections de Livre D’Ivon
- People of the Monolith: We learned that the geode on the front is a cross-section of a worm-like creature curled in and around itself.
- Africa’s Dark Sects

After retiring for the night we were beset by weird dreams all night.

Going to London

January 21

John Ryan to arranges tickets to England. Sanford goes with him. GM acts all weird and suspicious and makes die rolls… We are in luck! There is a steamship leaving for Southampton this afternoon. We leave as quickly and quietly as possible as we are essentially thieves and could be mistaken for cultists. Also we pissed off a very rich and very powerful woman.

On the journey, Forthright reads the The Pnakotic Manuscripts.

January 25

We arrive safely in England on the 25th of January. From Southampton we train to Waterloo Station and arrive in London in the early afternoon. Rooms are acquired in the Hyatt.


Reminder: Sir Albury Penhew was the academic leader of the expedition.

- Penhew Foundation
- British Museum

Visiting the Penhew Foundation

January 26

Penhew Foundation is interested primarily Egyptology, architecture and otherwise. Still operating after the presumed death of its founder and namesake, Dr Penhew.. High society donors are still active in supporting the foundation. It has some association with the British Museum with some of the foundation’s finds having been purchased by them.

Forthright reads enough of the recent publications by Edward Gavigan (current head of foundation) to justify an interest in visiting him personally. Professor Forthright phones ahead to make an appointment to meet with Edward Gavigan.

Meeting with Edward Gavigan @ 4pm

The Foundation’s building is 2 storeys tall with well appointed fittings and is in a very good part of London. There is a doorman who looks more like a security guard who greets us at the door. As we enter the lobby, the security behind a desk greets us and lets us know that we are expected. There is a noise behind the desk, to which the secretary reacts. This appears to be a sign to let us in to see Gavigan.

We are led into a well appointed office for a dapper middle-aged man. Polished 50 year old. Superbly dressed. Wears a wrist watch. He epitomises the sophisticated London.

Forthright checks Spot Hidden: Floor safe, door slightly ajar in the corner of the office.

Tour of the artifacts. Carlyle obtained information from an African woman about a sorcerer from ancient time. She lost their money. She was Carlyle’s lover. Ms Masters suggested to head of to Africa to photograph the area. Albury took the papers.


SirPerfluous RupertG

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