Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nylarlathotep, Session 9

Oh look, a hookah!

Session starts during the morning of January 27th.

Some details are reconfirmed this session from last session due to the incident.

Scotland Yard with Inspector Barrington

  • Egyptian Murders – he is completely baffled.
  • Took on the case a year ago when his predecessor vanished suddenly
  • 17 murders over 4 years
  • Mostly of Egyptian connection
  • Blue Pyramid
  • Had been speaking with Jackson Elias
    • Murders were ritual killings by The Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh, a death cult.
    • Thinks Elias is sensation seeking, thanks to Gavigan.
  • Told him Elias was good, Gavigan bad.
  • All limbs broken then stabbed through the heart

Shipley Gallery

9 Holbien Mews – poor part of Soho. Houses either side are boarded up and derelict.

Knock on the door. Shuffling feet. Old lady (Miles’ mother).

The old lady makes us tea!

Whole house is cold and dark.

Unshaven scrawny fellow with wide staring crazy eyes steps in through the door.

Excited crazy person. Super enthusiastic about his art. Takes up to his studio straight away. Started painting like this a few years ago.

Studio in the garret. Dangling lamps. Artist shit everywhere.

Three tiers of finished paintings. All disturbing and unspeakable.

  • First tier: 4 paintings
    • Crazy paintings of people being eaten by monsters, or sacrificed by alien monsters
    • One painting is of an African setting. Monstrous form rising above a mountain. Priests standing around with bloody tongues on their heads.
    • Forthright loses 3 Sanity
  • Second tier: 5 paintings
  • Third tier: 5 paintings

Evelyn goes searching for Miles’ diary. Fails multiple times and finally gets it. Then flounders with the toilet. Hayley breaks into the bedroom and finds a green liquid in a vial and a syringe.

Journey to the Hyatt – The Fog!

As we leave a great fog has descended upon us. A real peasouper. There is a strong smell of burnt hair.

Tentacles crawl into Calvin’s nostrils and mouth. He panics and runs straight into Cuttling. Cuttling has tentacles attack him too!

Cuttling shines a torch on it and disappears in the light. As it disappears the fog starts to lift.

We’re getting close to something.

The Blue Pyramid

Take a taxi to the location. Down a bit of an alley in a behind-the-block kind of way. Largely ethnic makeup to the crowd. Traditional Egyptian music playing. Walk into a reception area. Maitre-d wearing a fez takes us in. Large number of round tables with belly-dancers running around. A real high buzz in the room.

One distinctive group – large person wearing a fez and large moustache. He’s doing business it seems.

Many different artists and acts. Lots of different courses come by.

Ask who the man is Abdul Nawisha – the owner of the place.

Abdul Nawisha

Pretends to be dumb about anything.

Tells us to visit the Bazaars when we go to Egypt.

We mention the Black Pharaoh and get palmed off.

Escorted back to the table. Ten minutes later a bellydancer drops a piece of paper on the table.

Meet me out the back a 1am.


1am Out the Back

The meeting is with a woman. She has information on the Brotherhood. Her boyfriend disappeared a month ago. The brotherhood have been taking people away and doing horrible things. Boyfriend was called Poot. A truck comes to take people away from this location once a month and takes a couple dozen people. All Egyptian. Blue Pyramid customers. Due tomorrow night. Led by Tewfick Alsahid – a spice merchant.

They get into the truck willingly. For the most part. Poot was due to visit her at the club a month ago but never showed up. Disappeared around the same time as the truck arrives.

Got her address.


SirPerfluous RupertG

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