Game Calendar

The main campaign starts in 1925.


13th January: Telegram from Jackson Elias stating that he has information on the Carlyle Expedition and he needs our help.

15th January: Jackson Elias found dead in his hotel room, killed by members of the Blood Tongue Cult.

16th January: Went to visit Erica Carlyle and met with her security guards instead. Visited Harvard University and had little luck at the library. Although there were reports of foul smells.

17th January: Met with Prof Cowles at Miskatonic University to discuss African Cults.

18th January: Visited Emerson Imports and the Ju-Ju House

19th January: Visit with Jonah Kensington (Jackson’s editor). Jackson’s funeral. Reconnoiter of the Ju-Ju House.

20th January: Raid on the Ju-Ju House. Investigation of the basement in the morning. In the evening, we attend the party at Erica Carlyle’s mansion.

21st January: Leave for England.

22nd January: Traveling

23rd January: Traveling

24th January: Arrive in Southampton. Travel to London and secure room.s

25th January: Meet with Gavigan, the current head of the Penhew Foundation.

Game Calendar

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